All About Donation Value Guide Spreadsheets

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In this digital era, almost everything can be done online, including filling out a donation value guide spreadsheet. The online technology is helpful in arranging your file administration as well as boosting the efficiency of your workflow. You have to be careful in filling out the IRS or Internal Revenue Service donation value guide spreadsheet. You need to keep away from mistakes and complete it on time. Here is the quick guide on how to fill out your IRS donation value guide spreadsheet.

How to Fill Out Your Donation Value Guide Spreadsheet

Below are the steps to fill out such a spreadsheet.

  1. On the website with the blank, click on Start Now and choose Editor.
  2. Complete the related fields by using the clues.
  3. Include your contact information as well as your individual information.
  4. Make sure you enter appropriate information and correct numbers.
  5. Review carefully the written content. Check the spelling and grammar.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns, you can refer to the Help section or contact the support team.
  7. Give your electronic signature on your printable donation value guide spreadsheet. Use the assistance of the sign tool to do so.
  8. Press Done once you have completed the document.
  9. Share your prepared document through email or fax. Print the document out or you can save it on your device.

By using the PDF editor, you will be able to create some adjustments towards your spreadsheet of donation value guide. You will be able to fill online the spreadsheet from any device connected to the internet, customize it according to your needs and preferences, electronically sign the spreadsheet, and distribute it in some approaches.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Below are the common mistakes when it comes to filling out a spreadsheet of donation value guides. Make sure you avoid these mistakes.

  1. Problems in sums.
  2. Incorrect bank account number or incorrect bank routing.
  3. Not paying or not filing your income taxes on time.
  4. Failing to submit or ask for an extension on time.
  5. Failing to get assistance to submit your taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service or IRS allows you to reduce fair market value for items that are gently used. However, you need to consider the quality and age of the items. In order to take a deduction, the IRS requires the items to be in a good condition. Below is the donation value guide of what items that are generally sold in Goodwill locations. If the items you want to donate are not listed here, use 30% of the items’ original prices in order to determine the fair market value of the items.

Women’s Clothing

If you want to donate women’s clothing, make sure they are gently used and free from holes and stains.

  1. 2 pieces of suits : $10 – $96
  2. Blouse : $4 – $9
  3. Dress : $6 – $28
  4. Handbag : $2 – $10
  5. Hat : $1 – $9
  6. Pants : $4 – $23
  7. Shoes : $3 – $30
  8. Sweater : $4 – $13


Small appliances should be in working condition and gently used.

  1. Coffee maker : $5 – $10
  2. Iron : $3 – $10
  3. Radio : $1 – $10
  4. Vacuum Cleaner : $5 – $60


Furniture should not be in broken condition. Fabric should be free from holes and stains.

  1. Coffee table : $15 – $100
  2. Dresser : $20 – $80
  3. Kitchen set : $35 – $135
  4. Sofa : $40 – $395

That is how to fill out a donation value guide spreadsheet.

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