Baseball Card Inventory Spreadsheet for Collectors

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Are you a baseball lover? Many people love baseball after all. Although they do not do this sport every day as their main occupation, they have so many ways to find enjoyment from baseball. You do not want to miss the match of your favorite baseball team for sure. Watching a baseball match is just one thing. Your love for baseball can be brought further by being collectors of the baseball card. How many baseball cards have you bought? You might have a certain part of the house to put your collection. It might be the right time to get a baseball card inventory spreadsheet and do the essential things to organize your precious baseball card collection.

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Get Them in Order

What can you do first to get your baseball cards collection organized? Many people just buy and buy and put their baseball cards in the box. They think that it is enough for keeping those cards safe. However, you will find various kinds of difficulty if you do not organize your baseball card collection better. The very first step is to get your baseball cards in order because there must be so many of them. You might want to make a numerical order of your collection. This step is very helpful especially when you want to find the cards for trade. You can imagine how frustrating it will be when the cards are not organized properly. It can be time-consuming as well. By arranging the cards in order, you can also misplace and overlook the cards easily. Although it sounds like a labor act to get the cards in order, you can still have fun by sorting the cards while watching your favorite movie or TV program in your living room.

Catalog with Spreadsheet

You want to make a catalog for your baseball cards collection. Understandably, some people think that it will be time-consuming. However, a catalog is essential especially for you who make an online trade of your cards. You need the keep the database of your baseball cards and you can do it much easier by using a baseball card inventory spreadsheet. You can use the spreadsheet with the card information you want. It might be the team, player, set, year, insert type, and many more. You can adjust the information detail according to your need. You can be as detailed as possible. Since you are using a spreadsheet for collecting the information on the baseball cards, it will be much easier to sort of the cards based on the information you have. The spreadsheet can be easily updated when you update or sell the cards.

Organize the Monster Box

What is the monster box? Well, the sports cards collectors must be familiar with this type of box used for collecting the cards. It is made for helping people keep their cards but you might want to have a better way to keep your baseball cards so it can be found much easier. You can try to keep them the way you keep your photos. Yes, you can use a photo album to make sorting the cards easier. You will find a huge difference in experience when looking for the cards from the monster box and the photo album.

Index Cards and Label

Although you have put your baseball cards in the photo album and make the baseball card inventory spreadsheet, you might still find it difficult to find the right card. In this circumstance, you might want to add information to the photo album by using office index cards. Do not forget to add an information label to your cards as well. This way, you can spot the right cards easily based on the information on the spreadsheet and the label.

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