Easy Budgeting Control For Your Bakery

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Running a bakery is not as easy as it looks. Same as the other business, we should prepare what we need and count the budget to decide the price of our products. The difficult part is having a proper price for the products with good quality ingredients but we can still get some profit. Using a bakery costing spreadsheet is very helpful for us.

What is Bakery Costing Spreadsheet?

Bakery costing spreadsheet is a spreadsheet that people usually use to maintain the cost of their products in their bakery. There are several steps that you should prepare before you get the proper price for your cakes. Baking costing spreadsheet does not only contain the ingredients of the cakes with the price, but also it should contain the needs on your bakery including the recipes, the ingredients, the baking utensils, the concept of the cakes, the tools inventory, and the bakery tools such as water, electricity, internet access, web hosting, tools replacement, bank service fee, health inspection fees, and any other needs. The bakery costing spreadsheet will help you a lot.

What to Do in a Bakery Costing Spreadsheet?

Before doing listing in the bakery costing spreadsheet, you should make a list of your bakery needs first. Then you can make a list of your cakes and the ingredients, and also make a list of the utensils that you will use to bake your products. You can create your template or download the templates on the spreadsheet software. If you choose to create your templates, you can create the template depending on your style and your list of your bakery.

The first step is opening the spreadsheet software that you have, people usually use Excel or Google Sheets. Then, you can create the headings along the top. You can manage the first sheet containing the ingredients of the products in your bakery. They are such as the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients, the price, the size unit, the price per unit, the name of your product, and the cost of production. The second sheet will contain the utensils in baking such as the pans, the quality of the pan, the size of the pan, unit, price per unit, the tools replacement, and include the other utensils. The third sheet should be the other needs that we should pay monthly regularly such as the water, the electricity, the rent of the bakery (if you rent the place for your bakery), the internet access, bank service fee, and health inspection fee. Then, you can input all the data to those sheets according to the list that you have made before.

It will take a longer time at first, but it will be easier when you add some new items or update the price. From those sheets, you can estimate the cost for each of your products. When you get the estimation of the cost of your products, you can find the proper selling price for your products, by adding the percentage of your profit in it. After you list all the outcome needs, you can summarize your income then you can count your profit from those sheets. It will be easier for you to know the profit and the loss of your business.

If we have a business in a bakery or other kinds of business, we have to be ready to get loss or profit. People are ready for the profit, but some people are not ready for the loss. This method by using a bakery costing spreadsheet is proven very useful. It is easy to maintain, easy to update, and easy to monitor. It makes running a business so challenging.

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