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Food is an important part of your activity, either individual activity or when you run a business. You get energy from it, which will affect your performance. However, food is also one of the biggest expenses you need to spend. According to the research, you need to spend 35% of your budget for food only. It is applied to individual expenses as well as company expenses for their employees’ needs. Therefore, it is important to calculate and write it down to ensure that you spend what you need. This is also the reason why you will need a food cost spreadsheet template free.

What is Food Cost Spreadsheet?

Just like its name implied, this is a spreadsheet to write and arrange the information about the food expense during a certain period. As we all know, the spreadsheet has the main purpose to ease the process to input the data. With it, you also can avoid the mistake that mostly happens when you do it manually without a proper frame provided by the spreadsheet.

The Benefits of Food Cost Spreadsheet Template

We have already mentioned the first benefit of using a food cost spreadsheet. You can enter the food expense easier with the spreadsheet frame. However, that’s not all benefits that you can get from it. Here are more of the benefits you also can get.

  • Save more money

It is a free spreadsheet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the extra cost you should pay for using the spreadsheet. Of course, with proper accounting of your food cost, you also can save even more money. You know which part you need to increase the fund and the part you can cut down. This way you can provide the fund effectively to the area that needs it.

  • Accurate and easy to use

When you download the spreadsheet, it also includes the costing formula in it. It helps you to calculate the cost much faster. You just need to enter the numbers, and it will automatically give you the result.

  • Save the time for updating the data

The formula also provides automatic updates whenever you enter new data. The formula in the spreadsheet template will automatically calculate and readjusted the previous data with the new data that you just entered. So, if you have many elements in the food expense that are connected, you don’t need to enter the data one by one. With just one input, and you finish them all.

Where Can We Get the Template?

Fortunately, you can easily find the food cost spreadsheet template on many websites on the internet. Just type the keyword on the search engine, and you can find thousands of websites providing the template. However, make sure you choose a reliable place to download the spreadsheet. You will get the best quality spreadsheet template from them, plus you can avoid some problems, such as viruses and such.

And, make sure you choose the template that matches your needs. Even though we are talking about a food cost spreadsheet template here, you will find many of them. Each of those templates has different categories, entry, and other elements that match with a specific condition that you and your company might have. Choose the template that matches your needs, and you will get the best benefits from it.


Find out the food cost spreadsheet template free that you need now. It will help you a lot in controlling your expenses and planning your budget arrangement for your business. Tweak it a little bit, if necessary, and use it for your advantages.

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