How to Create Health and Safety Excel Spreadsheet

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As an employer, you definitely need a health and safety policy. It is some kind of policy made by the employers to protect the health, safety as well as welfare at work of all their workers. This policy also extends to other people that are visiting the workplace premises including substitute workers, self-employed workers, clients and also the general public. To help you manage your workers health and safety, you can create your own health and safety in excel. If you don’t know how, you can learn how to create health and safety excel spreadsheet as stated below.

What is a health and safety excel spreadsheet? 

Health and safety excel spreadsheet is a piece of paper, document, file, or even computer program used for accounting or recording data using rows, columns into which information regarding health and safety of the workers can be entered. This spreadsheet is essential to manage the health and safety of the workers. Furthermore, this kind of policy will allow the workers to work comfortably because they know that there is some kind of law that helps them protect their health and safety during their work. You can get this health and safety spreadsheet through the internet, or you can  also make it from the scratch in excel.

How to create a basic health and safety excel spreadsheet? 

Actually, you can easily find health and safety spreadsheet templates on the internet, but if you prefer to make it on your own, then you can create health and safety excel spreadsheets from the ground. Below are several steps that you can do to create your own health and safety spreadsheet in excel:

Open Microsoft Excel

The first thing that you need to do is open Microsoft Excel. You can find it in the Start Menu for Windows and in the Applications folder for MacOS. After that click the app, and it will open to a screen that will enable you to create or select documents. You can use the paid version, or if you don’t have it you can easily use the free version.

Create new workbook 

After you successfully open Excel, you need to click a blank workbook, so you can be able to create a new workbook. If you wonder what a workbook is, it is a name of the document that will contain your health and safety spreadsheet. Later on, this will create a blank spreadsheet named sheet 1. If you want to create a complicated health and safety spreadsheet you can add another sheet by clicking the + beside the first sheet. You can switch between the sheet by using the bottom tab.

Familiarize yourself with the spreadsheet layout 

The next step of creating health and safety excel spreadsheet is that you need to familiarize yourself with the spreadsheet layout because it contains so many rectangular cells arranged into vertical columns and horizontal rows. Think about how many columns and rows that you will need to make a basic health and safety spreadsheet. You also need to think about what you should include on your spreadsheet.

Enter some data 

Now, you can start to enter some data. You can start with clicking a cell and begin typing immediately. After you finish you can press the tab key to continue to the next cell in the row. Or you can also press the enter key to continue to the next cell in the column.

Check out the functions available for advanced uses 

While you are at it, don’t forget to check the functions available that you can use. One of the most used and essential features of excel is its capability to look up data and execute calculations based on mathematical formulas. If you want to create a health and safety excel spreadsheet that contains a lot of numbers,  you can try to use this feature. Surely, it will help you a lot.

Save your file 

The last step of creating your own health and safety excel spreadsheet is saving your spreadsheet once you’ve finished editing. To save your health and safety excel spreadsheet you can click the file menu at the top-left corner, and then you need to select Save As. Viola, your own health and safety spreadsheet is done and ready to be used.

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