Inventory Management Excel Spreadsheet

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To be honest, I’m actually not an accountancy expert. However, I learn about accountancy before in my High School. So, I have a little picture of them. Well, it is so long since I was graduated from High School. I learn so hard about accountancy when I was in 11th grade but lost the excitement when I entered the 12th grade. I will blame the accountancy teacher when I was in 12th grade for that. Alright, so tracking whatever asset you have is necessary, especially if you are opening a new business. Well, they are the inventory spreadsheet. So, because of that, in this article, I will share with you guys the inventory management excel spreadsheet.

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Home Inventory Spreadsheet

Well, even though you are not opening a new business, keeping your assets on the home is still necessary. Well, in other words, it is just a matter of keeping. The purpose of this spreadsheet is when something happens, such as natural disasters or robbery. Well, yeah, it is for insurance purposes.

Well, keep all of your home asset records here. Also, don’t forget to write the warranty information, the purchase price, serial/code numbers, and condition. Oh yeah, there are tips for keeping your home inventory spreadsheet. One is to take a photo of every property you want to include in the home inventory. It will make the insurance process go smoother if something happens. Also, you might want to keep this home inventory management excel spreadsheet in hard copy and digital copy.

You can download this spreadsheet on the link I hyperlinked. Yeah, right here.

Asset Tracking Spreadsheet

Well, I think this one is like a bundle. Why? Because I see the Home Inventory spreadsheet includes here. From the other things, I can assume that this is for a small company.

Well, even for a small company, keeping your assets on track and recorded is really necessary. Even though the spreadsheet is just as simple as this one. In this spreadsheet bundle, you can keep track of your computer software assets, equipment maintenance, tool & other equipment maintenance, and even home inventory.

For the download link, you can go to the link I hyperlinked, which go to the original website, Vertex42. Well, just click here.

Stock Inventory Control Spreadsheet

Well, this one is for professionals. Well, in other words, it is for an accountant or an inventory clerk. Because in the business, this spreadsheet is very crucial. Well, even for professionals, like clerks, it is difficult enough without the inventory optimization to worry about.

Well, from above, we can know that this spreadsheet is only for big companies. Well, I personally don’t even know how it works because I didn’t take an accountancy major when I was in college. I took English Literature. So, in other words, I only have some knowledge of accountancy on a low level or purpose.

Well, I still have to explain this one. Well, Vertex42 designed this spreadsheet to help you to start your inventory program in the company. This includes reducing the surplus inventory and keeping the inventory process up to date. For the rest, I don’t know.

Well, since this spreadsheet is for professionals like inventory clerks or accountants, and have a bigger purpose and impact, this spreadsheet is not free at all. You have to buy it. Don’t worry, the price is not that high. The price is just $9.95. The price actually the same as Rainbow Six Siege – Deluxe Edition when I bought the game in the last Steam Summer Sale.

I will hyperlink it if you are interested in buying this spreadsheet. Just go here. Well, that is the last inventory management excel spreadsheet.

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Inventory Tracking Excel Template

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