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Did you just open a business? Well, that is convenient. However, do you know anything about the business’s accountancy? Well, I am a bit familiar because I used to in Social major when I was in High School. There are three different stuff I learn back then, accountancy, geography, and history. And from these three, we can know which is the most difficult to understand or study. I currently take a college in English Literature major, so I mostly forgot about accountancy. However, today, there is something that I’m about to share, which is about the business or sales spreadsheet for excel.

Business Plan Spreadsheet for Word and Excel

So, here is what the author (the owner of Vertex42) says about this spreadsheet. He said that there are many small businesses that failed because they don’t have an accurate or realistic plan. However, making one business plan doesn’t guarantee you to get successful. Meanwhile, they are still critical for any kind of new & small business.

So, in this business template or sales spreadsheet, the author provides you with a lot of features. Let just say that the outline includes sample questions, a working table of contents, and tables. Well, that is the spreadsheet in the Microsoft Word, to be exact. Meanwhile, for Microsoft Excel, it includes charts, financial statements, and data tables. So, this made both platforms are necessary.

You can download this Word and Excel spreadsheet on the Vertex42 website. I will hyperlink the address to the website, so click here.

Sales Forecast Spreadsheet

Forecast. Just like a weather forecast. It is about prediction. It is a necessary thing if you are making a business plan because you have to predict the future. No one knows what will happen to your business in the future, so we have to make a prediction about that. This spreadsheet is essential if you are looking for a bank loan or an investor. From this spreadsheet, you can analyze and make predictions about your sales growth rate, unit sales, profit margin, and gross profit.

As long as you don’t delete the formula (the excel formula), you can calculate your total revenue, gross profit, margin profit, and many more. Well, you can just enter it monthly about how many units were sold in a month, the price of that unit, and the cost to make that unit. Pretty convenient.

For the download link, I will hyperlink it again to you. So, click here.

Income Statement Spreadsheet

An income statement spreadsheet is a statement that able to summarize your business’s revenues and expenses. It will make you be able to see the performance of your company’s finances over time. Usually, the income statement is used together with a balance sheet statement.

This income statement is actually designed for small businesses. There are two examples, and they are the single-step and the multi-step income statements. In the single-step, it will group your revenues and expenses. Meanwhile, the multi-step will separate the gross income from the operating income.

You can download this spreadsheet on the link that I hyperlinked. Just right here.

Disclaimer & Summary

For a disclaimer, I don’t own these spreadsheets. All spreadsheets belong to the generous owner of Vertex42. All of the spreadsheets might be free. However, the owner wrote that the spreadsheets are only for personal use. So, do not try to sell these spreadsheets, or claim them to be yours.

For the summary, here is the sales spreadsheet that I can share. Hope they are useful for you whenever you are trying to open a business. Remember that the license is personal-use only. So, don’t sell them.

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