The Important Parts of Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet that You Must Know

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When a truck driver transports the product/items, they will also spend money during the trip. It is not only the money for buying fuel for the truck. But, they also spend money on meals and other needs. Furthermore, with the travel length that can take days and even weeks, the cost for the truck driver expense could be bigger than what is seen. If you run a company that provides this kind of service, this could be a cause of the financial problem. Without proper accounting for the expense, you will have a hard time to provide the fund for the travel. This is the reason why you should use a truck driver expense spreadsheet.

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What You Can Find in Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet

First of all, you can find many types of truck driver expense spreadsheets. It either provides detailed input for each expense or the outline/main expense only. However, both of them have similar three entry categories. Understanding this element will help you to know how to use the spreadsheet, effectively.

  • Mileage

The first element is the mileage. It is essential to detect the travel distance as well as the route that your truck driver took. The mileage element generally consists of two parts, which are the starting mileage and the mileage when the driver arrives at the destination. The starting mileage is measured and written down on the spreadsheet when the truck departs for the travel.

Following the route that has been decided before, you can easily track whether your driver takes the correct route or not. It helps you to determine how much budget you can provide for their expense. If the driver didn’t take the correct route, you also can find it here. So, you can only pay the expense that they should spend.

  • Truck Operation Cost

This part covers the amount of money that your truck driver spent on keeping the truck work. The fuel cost is one of the main entries in this part. Other than that, this part also enters the cost of truck maintenance or repair during the travel. This is a necessary cost to ensure that the truck, the main important tool of this business, works perfectly well. That way the delivery can be finished without a problem and within the deadline.

  • Driver Expenses

During the trip, your driver also needs to spend money to maintain their condition. It could be the expense for meals, places to stay if it takes more than a day and even weeks. This part will include detailed expenses to the tiny detail for better accounting. Make sure you also receive the receipt from the driver to cross-check the amount of expense that they spend during the travel.


Using the spreadsheet helps you to calculate the cost easily. You also can make a proper budget plan thanks to the spreadsheet. It helps you to know the exact or the close number to the real expense that you need to prepare to fund the travel for your truck driver. In today’s business, this is important. It helps your business to cut down unnecessary expenses. By improving the funding efficiency, it also boosts your business growth.

Therefore, you don’t need to wait anymore. Get the truck driver expense spreadsheet that you need for your company now. Make sure you choose the spreadsheet that covers all parts of your budget plan. That way you can enter all the data that is needed to produce a good number for the expense and budget plan that you prepared before. Best of all, you can get the spreadsheet for free.and expenses template sample income statement template simple income statement template

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