Understanding the Real Estate Math Formulas Spreadsheet

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In the real estate industry, numbers hold an important role. The number decides how much money a property item can be sold. You also use it to determine the rate of the mortgage. Furthermore, the numbers also show up a lot when you want to describe the room to the client. This is what we call the Math of real estate.

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If you want to take an exam to get a license for a real estate agent, you will need to understand those Math formulas. This is where you will need the real estate math formulas spreadsheet.

What is Real Estate Math Formulas Spreadsheet?

You can make a list of all formulas that you need to remember for your exam. The list will also help you in your practice as a real estate agent if you passed the test. However, the formula in a form of a list will be hard to understand and memorize. A spreadsheet helps you a lot in this case.

The spreadsheet will show you more structured information about the formulas. This way you can easily learn and understand them. By understanding it easily, you also can remember them and put them into practice much smoothly. Once you have done this, you are ready to tackle the exams and get your certification.

What Can You Find in Real Estate Math Formulas Spreadsheet?

After you understand what a real estate math formula spreadsheet can do for you, you also need to know what you can get from it. In general, the spreadsheet consists of all formulas you will use during your practice as a real estate agent. For example:

  • The basic arithmetic skill vocabulary,
  • Measurement conversion,
  • Fraction, decimals, and percentages.

You need to memorize those three, as you will use them a lot in the formula. You also can use them as a reference, if you find the unfamiliar term in the formula. Of course, it would be better, if you memorize them all, so you can solve the formula much faster.

Now, let’s move to the “formula” in the spreadsheet. There are many of them. In general, you will get these seven formulas. They are also the commonly used formula by the real estate agent. They are:

  • Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio
  • Simple Interest Formula
  • Gross Rent Multiplier
  • Property Tax Formulas
  • Discount Points Formulas
  • The Mortgage Rule of Thumb (28/36 Rule) Formula
  • Proration

The best about the spreadsheet is, you can know how the formula looks like by clicking or choosing the cell that consists of that formula. Furthermore, you also can enter the number for each factor inside the formula, to calculate the result.

The real estate math formula spreadsheet is not only useful for preparing the real estate certification exams. But, it will be your reference as a real estate agent. Therefore, it is necessary to get a spreadsheet that you can easily access. For this reason, we recommend the PDF format spreadsheet. You can easily open it on your mobile device.

So, every time you need to look for reference, you can easily get the information. It will be a great tool during your first year as a real estate agent. When you get more experienced, you will not need the spreadsheet that much.


Those are all that you need to know about the real estate math formulas spreadsheet. Find one that you think has all information that you need for your exams and work. You can easily find them on the internet. Many of these spreadsheets are available for free. But, you also can buy the paid version for better and more complete formulas.

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